Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick Day and Deja Vu

I am sick today. I have sinus and tummy issues. Both extremely fun issues, let me tell you.

So I called in sick to work. The worst part of the day was that my head feels like Paul Bunyan stepped on it. The best part of the day was that I got to sleep a lot (which I love), and I got to read a very interesting book. The book is called “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian L. Weiss. Essentially, this book is about reincarnation.

I’ve always been interested in the concept of reincarnation, but I’ve also always been skeptical about it. If there is a heaven (and I believe there is), why in the world would we want to return to this earth, which for all its good points, also has so much negativity in it?

Then I read this book. It was fascinating. The book is written by a medical doctor and psychiatrist who had never had any experience nor belief in reincarnation. However, one day, in the midst of using hypnosis to treat one of his patients for extreme anxiety, his patient began recalling a life before her current life, in stunning detail. The doctor was interested but still skeptical. He couldn’t believe she could have made up all of those details, but he still had doubts. Then, in subsequent sessions of hypnosis, the woman remembered more and more of her previous lives, both happy times and sorrows and pain. And through all of her sessions, without consciously receiving “traditional” therapy, all of her symptoms began to improve. Just through recalling previous existences and events, she was healed.

OK, this doctor could be making it all up. By why would a well-respected medical doctor and psychiatrist risk his entire reputation and profession to tell this story?

You might think I’m crazy for believing this, but something in my gut tells me it’s true. And why would we want to return from heaven to this earth? To learn lessons. To grow spiritually. And we often need to suffer, to feel pain, in order to grow.

I’ll tell you one thing. If and when I come back, I want to come back to a life exactly like this one.


Buck said...

I'm always skeptical of the people who say "I was Napoleon Bonaparte in a previous life" or "I was Queen Elizabeth the First."

Just once, I'd like to hear someone to say, "I was Gladys Furd from Peoria."

Know what I mean?

sfoofie said...

My psychic reading last year told me that I took care of everyone else in my past lives and now people will always take care of me in this life. It was comforting, but strange. I don't really know how I feel about reincarnation or past lives.... I just think the brain is an infinite place and there are infinite ways to imagine things. Freakishly awesome.

Miss Healthypants said...

Dooder, the woman in this book only remembered her past lives as a regular person--usually as someone's servant or something. I'm so going to make you read this! *grin*

And Sfoofie, that is so cool! Where did you get a psychic reading done?

sfoofie said...

My friend holds these "girls nights in" and hosted a psychic lady. It was like $30 and, overall, was a pretty cool experience. I'm not sayin I believe in it and I'm not saying I don't believe in it. The psychic lady is really popular in the Milwaukee area.

Miss Healthypants said...

Sfoofie, it's hard to know what to believe sometimes, isn't it? I am kinda liking the idea of having previous lives, though--it's fascinating to me.

By the way, a good friend of mine who lives near Milwaukee is really into psychics--could you please tell me or e-mail me that psychic's name? Thanks!! :)

Lorraine said...

What Buck said. I would have much more of an inclination to believe in past lives if they were ordinary.

Miss Healthypants said...

Agreed, Lorrainey. That's what made this book so compelling.