Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chin Hair!

I am embarrassed to tell you this, but I will, anyway.

I have one long blond hair that grows on my chin ever so often. I know, it’s weird. Why would a woman have a chin hair? The first time I noticed it, I laughed about it and said some silly comment to Iwanski that involved the words “not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!”

Now I’m starting to get annoyed that it keeps cropping up. Why would I have one long chin hair? Why would God grace me with such a thing? Well, I guess it’s better than having several long chin hairs.

My Mom suffers from this same affliction, and I remember teasing her about it when I was younger. Maybe this is karma coming home to roost (or something like that).

Last night, while I was working late (i.e. chatting with a coworker), I noticed that the hair had grown long again. I asked her if she had a scissors, and she procured said scissors from her desk drawer for me. Then I looked at her and said,

“Could you…?”

She started laughing. Then I started laughing.

“Cut my chin hair!” I demanded. We were both cracking up. I imagine that it’s not a common favor that a woman asks another woman to do for her—but I could be wrong.

I decided to go into the bathroom and do it for myself. Just a quick snip, and it was gone. But it’ll be back. I know it will.

It serves no purpose and keeps coming back again and again. I think I’ll name it Ralph Nader.


Anonymous said...

Just so ya know, as you get older, you will get more long chin hairs. And your mustache (lol) will begin to get fuller as well. Your nose hair will fill in too. Some women get sideburns. As you estrogen drops as you age, the testosterone takes over. The only benefit is that your leg hairs will get thinner and thinner. Too bad you can't put pants on over your face.

Ane said...

Two things Miss Healthypants....

First, do you remember me pulling on that one chin hair this past summer? Remember? I didn't know it was a "live" hair because it was sooooooooooooooo long... I thought it was a head hair that had landed on your chin,,, I realized my mistake when you squealed and your chin skin played tug-of-war with me! LOL

secondly, I have seen women in nursing homes go to the "shaving station" -- yes, nursing homes have a shaving station! an elderly woman will sit down and protract her chin for the nurse or volunteer to shave it with an electrical shaver... the shaver I observed being used in this manner was one of those black and silver electric ones with a cord that looks like it belongs on a land line telephone and a triangluar shaped head with three round blades... can you visualize this type of electric shaver? I remember after the lady was done being shaved she was so happy like she just got a million $ makeover! That might be you one day Miss Healthypants!
:)~ <---chin hair

Daisy's Mom said...

I have one that grows out of the middle of my forehead. It's not close to my eyebrows, it's not close to my hair line, just smack, dab in the middle of my forehead. It appears suddenly... one morning nothing, the next morning, HELLO!

I've been calling it my fly-hair. It reminds me of Brundle-Fly, when he started morphing, it started with just the one hair. Someday, you'll visit and find me hanging from the ceiling eating donuts! Can't wait!

Buck said...

Oh, please let me style your chin hair to look like Farrah Fawcett's! Pleeeeeze??

Miss Healthypants said...

You all scare me and make me laugh! :)

But I don't wanna have to shave my chin or my forehead!! Waaaaaa!!!!!

Ane, I don't remember you pulling my chin hair, but I'm sure it hurt!

Daisy's Mom--you gave me bad flashbacks of that movie! When he started spewing white stuff, my gag reflexed kicked in! Ewwww!!!!

Buck, you may NOT! John would not hear of it! *LOL*

Lorraine said...


menopausal_ballerina said...

Is it still here?

I have one too :(

AND I did the not-by-the-hair-of-my-chinny-chin-chin routine too. I also channelled Samson and wondered if it was the source of all my strength. then proceeded to imagine a scene where i explained to my boss that I'd need to leave immediately because I cut off the 'strength hair' on my chin.

Snipped it off about 4 months ago and rediscovered it today.

This time I'll get it with a tweezer. If it reappears I'll know that I've lost the battle.

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Anna said...

wowww these anonymous comments are retarded... I just found my own blonde hair on my chin and it is long as hell! Some where I read it means we have a higher sex drive. But whatever, I just thought I should share :3

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