Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Kitties

Iwanski and I have two cats, Autumn and Hattie.

They are both old-ass 15-year-old cats. And recently, they have both decided to be more annoying than EVER.

 Lately, Hattie has taken to crying/whining/meowing every night, a few times a night – usually after she eats her dinner and also sometimes when we’re sleeping at night. She starts her series of little pitiful meows, and then we call to her, and she comes running to us, wanting to be petted. We pet her for a minute, she runs away, and sometimes she even starts crying again a few minutes later. But when we call to her and pet her, she always shuts up. What is UP with that?!

But she’s cute. So we cut her a break.

At bedtime, her usual routine is to wait for Iwanski to get into bed, and then she’ll jump up and curl up next to him, under the blanket. I have to admit that it’s pretty cute – she loves Iwanski.

And then there’s Autumn – our little troublemaker. Autumn only wants one thing every night – to lie next to me on the couch and get a continuous belly rub from me all night long before I go to bed.

So to accomplish this, she does the following:

1. She perches on the coffee table in the dining room – which is often cluttered with books, magazines, etc. (We’re slobs, what can I say?)

2. She then proceeds to walk all over the table and swipes at objects on the table, knocking each one down and staring at me every time she does so.

3. She repeats, repeats, and repeats this process until the annoyance gets to be too much, and I invite her to lie down with me on the couch.

I cannot TELL you how annoying that behavior it is. And yes, it’s freakin’ funny. Damn cat, she’s got me trained well. :)

Oh, and if I pet her for only just a little while – not enough to her satisfaction – then she starts the whole annoyance routine over again.

Oh my gosh, these cats are crazy!!

So anyway…

I just sent Iwanski the picture below and said “Here's a picture of you and me at night.”

His response?  "Where's Hattie?"