Thursday, April 17, 2008

On Second Thought, I Think I Will Step On You

I had a special experience while on the way to work this morning.
John and I were in our apartment building’s elevator with a few other people, and a dude got on. Trying to help the dude fit in the elevator, I started backing up. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that as I was backing up, I was getting a little close to the chick standing behind me.
The chick yelled loudly, "Ah, are you gonna step on me, or what?"
"Oh, sorry!" I said, shocked by her attitude. Really? Is there a need for that kind of attitude when you’re in the elevator with a complete stranger? Did she really think I was trying to step on her? Of course not. She just decided to be a bee-hotch.
I turned to John, and we stifled giggles as we rode down the remaining 10 floors. Her attitude had taken both of us by surprise.
We got off the elevator and walked outside. The woman got into her sporty sports car and tore off down the street. I said to John, "If somebody is that miserable, you just gotta feel sorry for them."
Seriously! What would prompt someone to be rude to a complete stranger? I am always surprised when this happens. I just don’t understand this behavior. If you don’t even know the person you’re talking to, why would you assume the worst of them? It’s ridiculous, in my mind.
Still, I feel sorry for her bitter little ass. She must have some real pain in her life to feel that it’s okay to act that way toward a complete stranger.
I hope something wonderful happens to her and she realizes how dumb it is to act like that.


Buck said...

Yep. We may encounter someone like that for 20 seconds during our day. However, they have to live in their own heads 24/7.

Lorraine said...