Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Show's over, folks!

Well, I made it through the show. And I had fun! I was surprised at how quickly the time went by. I enjoyed it because I was with the very entertaining Jason Boskey and John Iwanski. After a while, I just felt like we were hangin’ out, chatting. And that is something I like to do!

Fun times!


Buck said...

If I'd known you'd be hosting, I would have call in!
AND read the comments that John wrote down from that hilarious night.

Maybe next time. . .

Jason Boskey said...

For those interested, the show will be replayed at 10pm Central, 8pm Pacific on Boskey Radio West tonight!

MHP was fantastic last night!!!

Miss Healthypants said...

Awww, Boskey--you're nice!

Thanks for the nice comment...I'm not sure it's true, but thanks all the same! *smiles*