Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thawing Out

Dude, I just saw lightning! Lightning in February—I love it!!

Yes, it’s been warmer here—temps in the 50’s—and I’m slowly thawing out and returning to being normal. Well, maybe not normal…but at least I won’t be writing about bowels for—at least a few days. (My apologies to all my fecalphiliac readers who love reading about bowels.)

(Hell, I could have fecalphiliac readers. You never know.)

Anyway, so I’m feeling much happier and more inspired than I was a few days ago. For starters, I had my yoga class again this week, and this time I don’t feel like my body has been run over by a truck. So this is good. (Progress is good!)

Secondly, I meditated last night for the first time in a while and felt like I really had a good meditation. I had one of those sustained moments where I really wasn’t aware of anything but my breathing. Good stuff.

Then, tonight, Iwanski cooked a steak dinner, complete with garden herb rice and broccoli with cheese sauce. (I loves me some broccoli—particularly smothered in cheese sauce. It’s really the only way to have broccoli, in my opinion.)

So pretty much that’s all it takes for me to be happy. Yoga, meditation, and good food.

Oh, and also not having to wear long underwear. That rocks.


Buck said...

I LOVED not having to wear long underpants today! *smiles*

Miss Healthypants said...

Dooder, you did the *smiles* thing! I see I'm rubbing off on you! *grin* *giggles* *hee hee*

Gilman Chatsworth said...

As a representative of the coprophobes, we thank you

Mathman6293 said...

As they say if you build they will come. So write about poo and we'll read it. But glad that it is warming-up.

Sling said...

Nice bein' abe to wiggle your toes again ain't it!
We're had some 50's and 60's here lately too,and I'm loving it.

MaryRuth said...

you are pretty brave to have the poop problem and still do yoga! ;)
think spring!

Lisa said...

Yay! for the thaw. Though I did miss an update on movements.

Itchy, constrictive long underwear make me very peevish. I can see how sustained use would lead to madness.

May your spring be early and mild!