Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Of Yoga and Chickens

Iwanski and I both did something new this week.

I took a yoga class. Iwanski cooked a chicken.

I am happy to report that the yoga class was a great workout that really relaxed me…not to mention that it was FREE through my workplace. Whoo-hoo! I get to take an hour-long yoga class once a week for free. That freakin’ rocks. Of course, I now realize that I have muscles that I never knew existed before, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

As far as the chicken goes, it has yet to be taste-tasted. The meat thermometer is climbing ever so slightly up to 165 degrees, and the appetites of Iwanski and Miss Healthypants are climbing very quickly up to the level of “Should we just go get some KFC?” Why, oh why, does a chicken take so long to cook?

I’m almost thinking of risking salmonella just to get a bite of it. But OH NO, that would be Iwanski’s worst nightmare. Salmonella poisoning from something he cooked?! The horror!

I will report back on the chicken in 3 days when it’s done cooking.


sageweb said...

I have just become a yoga addict over the last month. I have lost 8 lbs ..I do the fire yoga though and it melts your fat away.

How nice of him to cook chicken...I want someone to cook for me.

Buck said...

I can show you how to butterfly a chicken so it will take less time to cook.

The thought of someone getting salmonella from his chicken is - well - pretty hilarious!

Sling said...

Good on you for workin' them here-to-fore unknown muscles! :)
..I was wondering if Iwanski ever ended up shooting that chicken..I bet it will be delicious!

rosemary said...

Did you ever see the movie The Accidental Tourist? There is a turkey scene of a bird cooking at 165. you might want to stick with veggies and potatoes. cluck.

Lisa said...

Free yoga? You lucky duck! (or slowly cooked chicken, whichever the case may be....)

Kimberly Ann said...

Iwanski and I share the same fear - how weird is that!
Hope it was (will be) delicious.

Maria said... you still around??