Sunday, February 1, 2009


Friday was my best girlfriend, Diane’s, birthday.

I have thanked my lucky stars a million times that I have a friend like Diane.

She’s the kind of friend that I can tell my innermost secrets and neuroses to, and she just laughs and says, “You’re so much like me—I feel like that all the time, too!”

What a relief. A friend who accepts you unconditionally, who listens to your darkest secrets and makes them seem like no big deal.

I am so lucky to have her for a friend.

Diane, I know this is a bit late—but heck, I called you on your actual birthday, anyway!

Happy Belated Birthday, chickie!! Thank you for sharing so much laughter and tears with me over the years. You are one in a million!


Diane said...

Thanks Girlfriend! You are closer to me than a sister! Yes, we have laughed and cried many-a-times together. This next line is going to sound like we are a married couple but,,, may we have many many more years together!

Oh, and if I blogged I would totally write about your nonbirth date! :) *grin*

Love ya dearly!

rosemary said...

Friends like Diane are better than bling! Maybe they are bling!

Iwanski said...

You are so kind and sweet, so God blessed you with great friends.

Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday to Diane!

Sling said...

Happy belated birthday Diane!..
I can tell from Miss HP's posts that you guys are true friends. :)

Maria said...

Nothing better than a friend like that...

Leah said...

This is why I love your blog. It's like sunshine and I LOVE sunshine.
Happy B-day Diane!

Miss Healthypants said...

Leah, I just had to tell you that your comment really made my day!--that was so sweet! *smiles* So thanks a bunch! :)