Monday, February 23, 2009

Miss Crabbypants

I am bored as shit right now.

Yes, I am as bored as a piece of poo. I feel like I’m just lying there in the toilet, and just waiting for an exciting flush or something to happen. But nothing is happening. I’m just sitting there, waiting for the flush that just won’t come.

Do you want to know why I’m so freakin’ bored right now?

Well, let’s see.

First of all, the weather is just plain SHIT right now. I woke up this morning and put on my long underwear for the freakin’ 50th time this year, and I thought, “Will it EVER get warm again?”

Then I walked to work to my job where I was asked the same three questions over and over again all day long, and I thought, “Will I ever be inspired again?”

Then I came home to eat a frozen pizza and thought, “Will I ever eat anything really good ever again?”

Then I sat down to watch t.v. and thought, “Will I ever watch anything interesting ever again?”

Please tell me, dear reader, if you’ve ever felt this way before? I know I can’t be the only one…right?


Mathman6293 said...

I would say come down here to Georgia to visit but I am afraid it has been cold and we don't have any good food in the house either, just ask the kids.

Sling said...

I really wanted to be all encouraging,and supportive and shit,..but I just don't think you'll ever see anything good on TV again. :P

Leah said...

Um. Yeah. I've felt this way for the last four months.
Spring is on it's way & will deliver warm, inspiring,delicious and entertaining new things though. I'm sure of it! :D

Miss Healthypants said...

OK, I just had to say:

Mathman--it's gotta be warmer down there than up here!! Brrr.....

Sling--you crack me UP! :) And I think you're probably right, dammit. :)

Miss Healthypants said...

And also, THANKS, Leah. :) I am glad I'm not alone. :)

sfoofie said...

what? shit aint movin here, and now that I've fed your pessimism, I'm going to sleep. I've been waiting for a new Monday night Big Bang Theory for MONTHS. Who's in charge of this steaming pile of poo?

Mathman6293 said...

Miss HP - You're right about it not being so cold here but it's all realative. You know how there in Chicago the temperature can swing 40 or 50 degrees? We get that here in the winter. This morning my cahona's were frozen at around 25 and then it got up to 45-50.

If I could stay home and watch beavis and butthead that would have kept me warm.

Buck said...

Poor Poodle!

Awwww. I wanna make everything better.

I could lend you one of my foreign films where nothing happens.

I have a Swedish one that's extremely depressing.

sfoofie said...

well, couldn't sleep. so. bana nah nah:

Anonymous said...

Where's all this frickin global warming I keep hearing about?

sageweb said...

When ever I am bored I imagine myself naked it very crowded places. So if you are really bored you should just get naked and go to a really crowded will help trust me.

Lisa said...

Well, you made me laugh so now I'm not so bored. I've heard it called the February blahs. I remember when we lived in the Chicago area that by February, I was soooo ready for change in the weather,the length of day, activities. Everything.

I have just the picture for this post. It's the picture you get when you give the 13 yo son the camera and ask him to photograph the stealth cat dookie.

MaryRuth said... could always start drinkin'

Maria said...

Yeah. But, then something happens to make me yearn for my dull the car breaks down or my sister calls to say that she and her family are coming to visit next weekend.

That will perk me right up to loving my old life....

Anonymous said...

I was cheered last night by an overheard conversation while having dinner with koko in a local dinner.
Very elderly woman dependent on a walker, to her younger male companion: "I feel really good I know now that spring is just around the corner, the birds are doing it and the squirels are doing it and that means spring will be here soon."
The young man chuckled loudly as I made the effort not to laugh out loud, giving away my evesdropping.
The old woman continued, "Really Scott its true, I was getting dressed in my bedroom and there just outside my window, two squirles were fornicating!" I lost it, as did Scott.
Luv Ya ....The mother-in-law