Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wii Miss You

I am committed.

This should come as no surprise to those of you who probably think I should be committed. But seriously, folks, I have joined forces with my good friend Buck to commit to exercising for a half an hour, four days a week.

Four days a week. That should be manageable, right?

God, I hope so. It will certainly be better than my current schedule of NO days a week. OK, to be fair, I have still been doing my “8 minutes in the morning” strength-building exercises—but not as consistently as I would like to.

And my poor Wii Fit. Yesterday morning, I got on the Wii Fit and heard it cry softly about missing me.

No really, it did.

OK, it didn’t. But it did chastise me about not having been on there for 43 (!) days, and even teasingly called me “Iwanski.”

The poor thing. It has had nothing to do for 43 days. I really must pay more attention to it.

But regardless of my Wii Fit activities, Buck and I have decided that we will at least walk on a treadmill or lift weights every day from Monday through Thursday, and we’re going to do it!

We have to. Otherwise I can no longer go by the name Miss Healthypants—I will instead have to be called Miss Fattypants.


Buck said...


Sling said...

You simply must remain Miss Healthypants!..It's too hard to change the names in my template.
..all those tiny letters.

rosemary said...

Yea, my Nintendo DS with Brain Age is crying....I sit on my unhealthy butt to do that exercise....but it will keep me young. I have been too busy counting trees going out the drive to worry about my increasing spread. Exercise your heart to health....and your butt too.

Diane said...

Chick and Buck count me in on your program starting October. :) MHP, why not start a support group with prizes! I would be motivated if prizes were involved! :)

sageweb said...

Oh how is the Wii fit??? I wanted to get one. I go to the gym every morning but at night I could use some entertainment..specially since winter is coming up. Well actually the weather doesn't change much it just gets darker earlier.

Miss Healthypants said...

Sageweb, I really like the Wii Fit. It was more fun when it was brand new, but it's still good--I really like the punching-bag aerobics and the yoga moves. :)