Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pet Peeves

Iwanski has a pet peeve (also known as Iwanski Rule #17) that I like to tease him about. He can’t stand it when people shorten words that aren’t all that hard to say. For example, “guac” for guacamole, or “caj” (or maybe “cajh”) for casual.

So Friday morning, when I got dressed for casual day at work, I made sure to say, “Yep, I get to dress cajh today.”

Iwanski loved that.

Today, I bought an avocado and plan to make some “guac.” (Evil laugh.)

While we’re at it, here’s one of my biggest pet peeves: when someone says he/she “threw me under the bus.” Really? Is the situation really that bad that it’s like being hurled under a 2-ton vehicle? Iwanski hates this phrase, too…especially because it’s usually spoken by someone who is an extremely annoying drama queen.

But the other night on the Iwanski/Winter internet radio show, I actually heard Iwanski say a version of that phrase. The nerve of him!

Later, he said to me, “I actually said something like ‘threw me under the bus,’ didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did,” I said. “It was horrifying.”

“The minute those words left my mouth, I wanted to vomit,” he said.

That’s how much we hate that phrase.

I will punch the next person that says it.


Diane said...

I never heard the bus phrase until you said it. I think it is so funny! I especially think it is funny when you sarcastically say it! I get annoyed when people say B-B-Q, just say barbeque, it has the sme about of syllables! ACKERS!

Diane said...

same amount

Mathman6293 said...

"OMG", I love your hubby I hate when people say guac, too.

Not to throw you under the bus that one drive me nuts as well.

What about this one:"having said that ..."

rosemary said...

A few of mine.....

"get over it"

"whatever" (in particular when said by one of my grandchildren)

"F**K me" (absolutely hate that one and it is an Idaho favorite)

and last night a drunk friend that dropped by called a Subaru a "Bru" Huh???

sageweb said...

The college kids shorten everything. LIke they are too lazy ...Hilar. for Hilarious, Fab for fabulous. THe other day some girl spoke the letters if saying the words Oh my god would have worn her out.

MaryRuth said...

The English language is dying, my friends. OMG

Lorraine said...

Something about you wanting to punch someone makes me laugh.

Buck said...

I love the word "groovy" and keep forgetting to use it. It's so "retro".

I also hate the names that Sarah Palin has named her kids. Her next kids will probably be named "Guardrail" and "Burlap"

Maria said...

Nothing pisses me off more than someone who says something insulting and then when they realize that you are mad, they hide behind the line, "I was just kiddin'"

For fuck sakes, take ownership of it.

Miss Healthypants said...

Diane, chickie--well, now "Ackers" is my FAVORITE phrase! LOL!

Mathman--you and my hubby probably would get along. I don't so much mind the "having said that"...

Rosemary--I can see why you don't like any of those phrases/words!

Sageweb--LOL! OMG! :)

Mary Ruth--it sure is! OMG! :)

Rainey--tee hee! :)

Buck--"Guardrail"?? LOL! :)

Maria--I couldn't agree with you more on that one!!

Barb said...

My least favorite is "wanna go with?" Dear lord... finish the damn sentence!