Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised

Did you ever have one of those moments, as an adult, when you realized that you actually like something that you always thought you hated? Or when you realized that your first impression of something was totally wrong?

I guess you could call them “pleasant surprises.” As an adult (yikes, I’m an adult?! How did that happen??) , I’ve had quite a few pleasant--and unpleasant—surprises. Here are some of them:

Pleasant Surprises (As An Adult)

--Hee Haw…I’ve always thought this show was really hokey—and I was right. But once I accepted that hokey can be funny, I actually started finding this show pretty amusing. Trust me—just suspend all your judgment of rednecks, and you will find yourself laughing at the jokes on Hee Haw. And of course, if you like country music, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better country-music musicians than Roy Clark and Buck Owens.

--Iwanski…seriously! OK, picture this—I had only met Iwanski very briefly once before, and the second time I met him, he pretty quickly started arguing politics with me. It made me uncomfortable (later I realized that was because I didn’t know why I believed what I believed!)…but very soon he started growing on me, and I actually started to like the fact that he challenged my beliefs and opinions. Now, what can I say? I guess I kinda like him.

--Baked potatoes (w/sour cream)…I grew up thinking I hated ALL potatoes except french fries. One time, as a small child, my well-meaning Dad tried to force-feed me mashed potatoes, and I immediately gagged and threw it all up. I still think that mashed potatoes are vile (I know, you probably think it’s weird—but it’s the mushy texture that really bothers me)…but several years ago, I tried a baked potato with sour cream—and lo and behold, I liked it! Of course, I pretty much like anything with sour cream—but still, it was pretty amazing for me to discover that I actually like potatoes.

--Living in the city…I grew up in a small Wisconsin town of a little over 1000 people…and I never—not in a million years—dreamed that I would live in a big city—much less enjoy living in a big city! I figured I would end up living in a small town or in the country—like my parents, and their parents before them. Now, I love living here in the city of Chi-town. I love the culture and the public transit and the variety of restaurants and people in this city. I am ever-so-grateful that Iwanski and I decided to move here from the smallish (40,000 people) town we lived in, in Wisconsin.

--Owning a cat…I grew up thinking I was allergic to cats—I was convinced of it. But then, a chance encounter with a beautiful white fluffy cat who purred and rubbed all over me with his tail (and was later returned to his owners) really made me reconsider my “allergy.” I wanted a cat, and so Iwanski and I got little Autumn from the local humane society. Guess what? Besides just a tiny bit of sniffling, I had no real allergies to speak of! Three months later, we decided to get another cat, and we picked up our little Hattie from the shelter. Now I love having cats…even when I’m trying to finish writing on my blog, and they’re whining and harassing me to feed them. (They're driving me crazy right now...)

I’m so glad I’ve had those pleasant surprises in my lifetime. Where would I be without Iwanski and my little kitties? And living in the city has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. And as for Hee Haw and mashed potatoes? Well, they are just two ways of making life fun and delicious.

But what about unpleasant surprises? Well, I can only think of two things:

--Owning a cat…because of the vomit and the noises, and the vomit-noises.

--Slowing Metabolism…I have reached age 35. I’ve noticed it seems harder to lose weight nowadays and far easier to gain it. Yep, it sucks.

Well, I’m glad to see that my list of pleasant surprises is much longer than my list of unpleasant surprises.

I guess I’m just one lucky (and pleasantly surprised) Miss Healthypants.


Buck said...

OMG! I never knew you liked Hee Haw. I'm going to have to seriously re-think this whole friendship thing with you. :)

When I was a kid, I loved asparagus. As a teenager, I hated it. As an adult, I loved it again.
Go figure.

rosemary said...

Umm, Hee Haw? I'd have to really think about that one. There are lots of foods I can't eat for various reasons mainly my parents forced them on me.....meat loaf, burger patties plain, cream corn just for starters....but I love hamburgers, corn fritters so it evens out....but no meatloaf. As for cats....I discovered I loved them in 1989. There has only been one dog I loved more than my babies and that was Charlie. You find such joy in life's simplest things.

Diane said...

I think you like Hee Haw because Iwanski likes it. :) If you like Hee Haw then you should like Cotton Eye Joe by the Rednex but nope, you don't! :(

Sling said...

I hated avocados when I was a kid,and now I get regular cravings for them..Yummy!
Do they still have Hee-Haw on the air?
I liked that show.Especially Roy Clark.

Kimberly Ann said...

Your unpleasant list isn't nearly long enough, lol. But I'm with you on Buck Owens.

MaryRuth said...

Pleasantly surprised, but irksome: my parents were right. (about mostly everything)

Pleasantly surprised: polka music really IS cool!

Hee-Haw: always entertaining! My family (not country music lovers at all) watched it in the late 70's....Hef's GF was on then..Barbi Benton. I think it is in re-runs on RFD-TV now.