Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Found in the Morning

This is what I saw on the kitchen counter when I woke up this morning.

Yes, that’s right, folks—I live with a hobo.

I actually asked him if he ate it right out of the can. Yesiree, I did. But he didn’t. Thank God.

I guess he’s not a hobo after all.


Mathman6293 said...

I laughed when I saw the photo, too funny. Today, I went into a store with my and he wanted to buy a can of baked beans to eat in the car. Maybe I can send him home with you guys.

Miss Healthypants said...

LOL, Mathman! :)

Mathman6293 said...

Jeez, I always leave out words... I went with my... what or who? It was my boy!

Citymouse said...

My kids always leave the spoon in the can or the cup -- so they wont ditry the counter, but then I bump the spoon and everything spills on the floor!
So, he's a night eater

Sling said...

Oh,I'd eat it out of the can.
I like to think of it as a handy,single serving container.

sageweb said...

Oh I will eat spaghettios out of a can when I was younger...I love them like that...I could be a hobo.

jp said...

I'm not sure I could sleep next to someone who ate an entire can of anything that was "fully loaded."

Speck said...

Arrrghh! I'm related to Iwanski. I left the spoon in a can of Bean-n-Bacon soup last night. Hubby gave me a weird look this morning.

rosemary said...

I do live with a hobo....I am rarely the one leaving home for a trip....I did have surgery in 2003 and was gone for 2 nights. Steve ate peas cold from a can...ditto for corn, veggie soup that should have been diluted with water AND two packs of bologna for sandwiches. Hobo.

Miss Healthypants said...

Mathman--I figured as much. :)

Mouse--those damn kids! :) Yep, my hubby does eat late sometimes.

Sling--ewwww!!!! Cold beef stew? *shudders*

Sageweb--I feel like I might have done that at some point, too (eaten spaghettios out of a can)--but I don't think I would do it now. :)

JP--as always, you CRACK me up! Fully loaded!--bwa ha ha! :)

Speck--I think I gave that same look to Iwanski. :)

Rosemary--you SO live with a hobo! :)

greeny said...

This made me laugh!
I'm guilty of eating out of a can sometimes. Not when the kids are home, of course. Bad example for them, dontcha think?