Friday, June 6, 2008

Selective Memory

Lately, I have realized something kind-of weird about myself. I have a very selective memory.

I pretty much only remember foods I’ve eaten.

That’s right. I couldn’t tell you who the 4 female leads in Sex In The City are (even though I just saw the movie 2 days ago), but I can remember a salad I ate at a restaurant in Washington D.C. in February of last year. (It was a beef fajita salad. Yummy.)

It’s a peculiar personality trait, I would agree. But I can’t help it.

Do you remember what you ate last Sunday night for dinner? Yeah, neither do I—but I bet I can figure it out. Let’s see, last Sunday I went clothes shopping in the afternoon, and when I came home…I ate a turkey sandwich from 7 Eleven, and carrot & celery sticks with ranch dressing.


Yeah, I know. I’m weird.


Sling said...

Well,it was the weekend,so it's a pretty safe bet we BBQ'd.
Lizzard King makes an excellent seviche,and warm French bread rounded it out nicely.

sfoofie said...

I believe you have a rare selective memory called "healthypantsitis" where you acutely connect life to all things healthy pants.

Diane said...

You are not the only weirdo who remembers what they ate... I remember the first time I had a rosemary seasoned hamburger... it was in 1998 at the Brewery in Oshkosh... I hated the yucky thing! at the time I didn't know what rosemary was and I kept telling everyone that my burger tasted like pine needles... to this day I still do not like roasemary seasoning... it gives me the shivers

Jason Boskey said...

The next great book by Diane... "Remembering Oshkosh"

Mathman6293 said...

Yes BBQ, thats it for sure. But I know that Sarah Jessica Parker is in Sex in the City star but I'll only admit to watching 2 episodes ever.

Lorraine said...

I cannot remember what I had for dinner last Sunday or Monday. We had Indian on Tuesday, though, because it was easy to eat in front of the TV watching Barak become the nominee. Can't remember Wednesday or Thursday but had taco salad last night.

Which I will probably forget come Monday or Tuesday.

Miss Healthypants said...

Sling--I guess you and share this weird trait!

Sfoof--LOL! You may be right! :)

Diane-chickie, you make me laugh!

Bosk--you make me laugh, too! :)

Mathman--the movie was actually really good. I was really surprised.

Rainey--you probably remember all the non-important stuff, like people's names and stuff like that. :)