Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cats VS Wii

Well, it’s been two whole weeks, and the Wii Fit and I have become good friends. We see each other every day, and it tells me I’m doing a good job. (I have yet to be chastised. I’m dreading that day.)

But there is one problem.

Our cats have decided that the Wii Fit is their worst enemy.

Hattie the cat has a particular hatred of it. You see, before the arrival of W.F., I would do a bit of exercise every morning (I am Miss Healthypants, after all), and then I sat on the floor and stretched my hamstrings. As I stretched, I would pet Hattie, and she would roll around the floor purring and chirping in sheer ecstacy.

Now the Wii Fit has changed all that. Now, instead of stretching on the floor, I do standing yoga poses on the Wii balance board. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but it’s pretty difficult to pet a cat while you’re balancing on one leg and stretching your arms into the air.

So now Hattie has taken to throwing herself on the floor right in front of me as I exercise, rolling around and crying like a newborn baby. The poor thing.

And to make it worse, because of this recent lack of attention, Hattie also has begun to wake us up every morning at least an hour earlier than normal with her pathetic cries.

It is quite annoying. But I guess it’s good practice for (hopefully) being a parent someday.

So this morning, I stretched on the floor and pet Hattie for a good ten minutes while she rolled around, chirping feverishly. And tonight, I’ll do the same. Hopefully it will placate the silly little cat.

She’s just lucky she’s cute. That’s her saving grace.

As for the other cat, Autumn, she also blames the Wii Fit for the recent lack of attention paid to her. This morning, while I was doing jacknife sit-ups and placing my feet on the balance board, Autumn came right along and plopped her butt down on the board.

The Wii Fit went crazy. My personal trainer said “you’re a little off-balance.” No kidding! I shoved Autumn off, and she responded with an extremely loud hiss. (I’m pretty sure she was hissing at the Wii Fit, and not me.)

So later I also spent some time with her, petting her and telling her what a good girl she is.

Man, those cats have it made. They never do anything important or noteworthy, and yet they’re always getting positive accolades.

I want to be reincarnated as a cat.


Buck said...

You should keep a balloon by your side while you exercise. Hattie will stay in the closet for three days solid after that.

Miss Healthypants said...

Buck, that's a superfantastic idea! But if I did that every day, we'd never see Hattie again. I do kinda like her once in a while. *grin*

Diane said...

you sort of have chubby cats... suggest to the makers of wii to make one for animals...

Sling said...

You know,petting the cat while standing on one leg with your arms in the air sounds like a fine excercise goal!..just sayin'.

Citymouse said...

cats and men are all alike :) poor kitty....

Lorraine said...