Monday, June 2, 2008

I’m All Like, Official Now

I have an announcement to make. I now have my very own domain name. Check it out!

It’s! ( was not available. Someone bought it just for kicks—there’s really nothing on the website—can you believe that? Jerks!)

Oh, well, Iwanski and I thought that perhaps was easier to remember, anyway. As long as people don’t think they are shopping for pants when they come to my website.

Then again, maybe I should sell pants! Really, that should be the #1 product in Miss Healthypants’ product line, don’t you think?

Miss Healthypants sells pants. I love it.


sfoofie said...

the word pants was used too many times in the pantsy pants post. that's just my pantstastic pantspinion. pants doesn't even sound like a real word now. try saying pants eight times. Con-pants-ulations on the site! I'm all out of pants now. (wait. that sounded. never mind.)

Diane said...

chick, make sure you have plenty of "talls" in stock, I guarantee it will be your number best seller!!

sfoofie... I think the word "bangs" is weird,,, for example, "my hairstylist cut my bangs, do you like?" see... dumb word

LP Cards Fan said...

Pants and salads. That's what you should sell.

Jason Boskey said...

I think the lettuce should wear pants and have bangs.

sfoofie said...

The pants should have little lettuce patches and say "healthy" across the butt....

Lorraine said...

I have always hated the word pants, except, oddly, in relation to the fabulous and superfantastic Miss Healthypants. But Healthypants are different than just pants. Pants are silly. Trousers are dignified, jeans are cool, kakhis are beige but "pants", as a word, is not a helpful one. I especially hate the word "underpants".

I think you sell salad bowls with the word "pants" on them.

rosemary said...

i think the pants should have doggie faces on know..panting.....salad i'm not so sure. I don't like the word cherry when it is used outside of a fruit no cherries on the, what would these pants be made of? What constitutes a healthy pant?

Miss Healthypants said...

You all make me laugh! Can I hire you all to be on my design team for MHP merchandise? *grin*

Lettuce with pants and bangs = hilarious.

Pants with little lettuce patches and the word "healthy" across the butt = high-larious.

Salad bowls with the word "Pants" on them = hee-larious.

And the singular word "Pant" = just damn funny! *grin*

jp said...

Wasn't M.H. Pants a standup comedian from the 30's?


That's all I've got.

Sling said...

I like the idea of a convenient place in bloggertown,where I can come to purchase pants!..but salad isn't food,it's what food eats.
Congats on the the official site kid! :)

Miss Healthypants said...

JP, I have no idea. But it sounds funny. :)

Sling, if pants are what you want, pants are what you shall have. Thanks for the congrats! :)