Friday, May 30, 2008

Much Fun Was Had By All

Last night, Iwanski and I went to the Cubs game with Sfoofie (aforementioned as the nieciest niece), my niece Melissa, my nephew DJ, and a couple of Sfoofie’s friends, who flew in from Washington D.C.

It. Was. A. Blast!

First of all, the Cubs rocked! Not that I’m totally into baseball or anything, but there was no denying that they really did rock. And they did so again today!—in today’s game, they came from behind, losing 9-1 and ended up winning 10-9. What a team! Could this be the year?

But even more awesome than the Cubs was the conversation. It was wonderful to catch up with my nieces and nephew, all of whom I felt like I hadn’t seen in FOREVER. We exchanged stories about their parents (my brother and sister) that made us all laugh. If either of them are reading this, rest assured that it was all good stuff—mostly. (evil laugh)

But seriously, folks, we had a rockin’ good time.

Iwanski and I first met up with Melissa and DJ (Sfoof and her friends came later), and they (Mel and DJ) are both die-hard Cubs fans—even though DJ had never been lucky enough to actually go to a game in person before last night. So it was particularly exciting for him. When Iwanski and I met up with the two of them, hugs were exchanged, then Melissa started squealing in delight. Apparently her favorite Cubs player, Ted Lilly, was signing autographs right in front of us. And then, when he agreed to take a picture with her, and even put his arm around her for the picture, she was positively bubbling with excitement. I, on the other hand, barely knew who Ted Lilly was and couldn’t imagine what all the fuss was about. Iwanski reminded me that when I was younger, I would have started squealing like that if Billy Joel was in front of me signing autographs. Well, he was right about that. (I have since outgrown my Billy Joel crush.)

Then we went into the stadium, and hot dogs, nachos, sodas, and beers were purchased. I got excited that I got carded and had to show my ID with my now 35-year-old birthdate on it. The beer vendor wished me a Happy Birthday. I wish that he had wished me a free beer, instead…but alas, I had to pay the outrageous price of $6.50 for it. Oh, well, you pay for the atmosphere, I guess.

Sfoofie then showed up with her friends, just in time for the game to start. Here’s the breakdown:

Melissa and the 3 guys = huge Cubs fans who paid attention to the game. (DJ even scored the whole game. He REALLY loves baseball.)

Sfoofie’s friend Beth = nice girl who also seemed to be enjoying the game.

Sfoofie and me = call ourselves Cubs fans, but pretty much ended up yapping with each other the whole time.

So we all had fun, for many different reasons. I enjoyed Sfoofie’s company a lot. She is so fun and hilarious. And it was great to talk to Melissa and DJ, as well. We all bonded over our love of the show “The Office.”

Great food, great atmosphere, great conversation—what more could you ask for?


Lorraine said...

I am jealous, in an I'm-really-happy-y'all-had-so-much-fun sort of way.

Miss Healthypants said...

Rainey, if you lived here, you could have gone with us! (Hint, hint! *hee hee*)