Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits, right?

Here are some of my bad habits:

--I chew on pens until they are all mangled—and then I chew on them some more.

--I bite my nails (I’ve a bit of an oral fixation, don’tcha think?)

--I pet the cat and then rub cat hair directly into my eye. (This one is not only a bad habit, it’s fun, as well!)

--I routinely spill glasses of water.

--When I’m cleaning, I often go into a “cleaning frenzy” and put objects in unlikely places. (Yes, Iwanski, your contact lens case does belong in the filing cabinet.)

--I walk in the house and dump my work clothes on the floor, two feet from the laundry basket (because IN the laundry basket would be just too easy!)

--I blend my makeup with tissues, but then leave the tissues on the bathroom counter instead of throwing them into the wastebasket directly below the counter. (I apparently have problems putting things into containers!)

--I stack books and magazines on the floor next to the couch, intending to read them, but never getting around to it.

So I’m pretty much a slob.

What are Iwanski’s bad habits? I’m glad you asked!

--He leaves little shaving stubble all over my makeup sponges (although to his credit, he’s working toward changing that habit).

--He freaks out over salmonella (to the extreme).

--He hems and haws over where to eat lunch (this is especially fun if Miss Healthypants is really hungry).

--After taking a shower, he doesn’t push the “stopper” on the faucet down, which makes an annoying “eeeeee!” sound. (Believe me, this is more irritating than it sounds.)

--He chooses Popeye’s chicken over a salad.

--He’s a clutterbug. (Do you know anyone who wants the past 20 years of baseball, basketball, and football preview magazines?)

--He balls up his socks and throws them across the living room, usually at one of the cats. (They love this. So does Miss Healthypants.)

--He reads newspapers and magazines and then leaves them on the floor next to the chair, instead of putting them in the recycling bin.

OK, I guess we’re both slobs.

What are your bad habits?


LA Boxer Girl said...

Wow, we really are apples from the same family tree... from, you SoCal Cuz.

Buck said...

I don't screw lids on jars very much at all. Just a teeny bit. Roommates have called this to my attention when the mayonnaise goes crashing on the floor.

Daisy's Mom said...

I always leave the medicine cabinet door open. Daisy's Dad's head is the perfect height to hit this door. Ooops.

And then there is the whole "washer woman temper" thing that Iwanski has talked about...

Miss Healthypants said...

LA Boxer Girl--I'm intrigued! What bad habits do we share?

Buck--that is not only a bad habit, but a dumb one as well! It is not right to waste mayonnaise! *grin*

Daisy's Mom--I'm sure Daisy's Dad LOVES that!! And I've never heard of this so-called "washer woman temper"... :)

LA Boxer Girl said...

Just about all of them you named! I tend to put things in the sink when the dishwasher is actually closer...My home office tends to create piles of papers vs. files of papers.. and now I see my oldest daughter following suit..YIKES! SAVE HER WHILE SHE'S YOUNG!!! My husband is polar opposite; anally organized and it just eats at him when I leave something lay... to him, it is like finger nails down a chalkboard

Eric said...
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LP Cards Fan said...

Can you say "PROCRASTINATION?" The dining room table is obscured by weeks' worth of mail. The bills randomly get pulled out and paid but the credit card offers stack up for long periods of time.

Miss Healthypants said...

SoCal Cuz, I can so relate to you! *grin* We really need to hang out sometime! *smiles*

LP Cards Fan--I can so relate to you, as well! I am very, very good at procrastination. :)

LA Boxer Girl said...

The next time you are visiting LA, call me. The next time I trek to the Great Midwest to see my familia, I will let you know... likely Christmas.

Miss Healthypants said...

Sounds good, Cuz! :)