Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho........

What’s more fun than a group of 30 Santas walking down the street yelling “Ho ho ho!” and woo’ing?

Not much, methinks!

And so Iwanski and I today enjoyed the parade of Santas that we happened upon whilst out for our Saturday walk.

And where were all these Santas going?—you may ask. Why, into an Irish pub, of course! And I SO wanted to join them. Holiday cheer + beer = Fun!

However, Iwanski has a doctor’s appointment on Monday, so he’s cramming for the exam—which, of course, means no alcohol this weekend. And as a show of solidarity to him, I am also refraining from the booze. So no drunk Santas for me tonight—unless I happen to stumble upon a crazy homeless Santa weaving down the street. (And that is very possible.)

So as Iwanski and I left the Santas behind and meandered on home, I asked a question that I’d been pondering on for a couple of minutes: “What do you call a big group of Santas like that?” Iwanski and I thought of some names—but we couldn’t agree on any of them. So I ask you, dear blog reader, to please help us come up with this word. This is extremely important. The Santas need a name.

Here are the ones Iwanski and I came up with so far:

A “Merry” of Santas
A “Schtickle” of Santas
A “Pantload” of Santas
A “Pride” of Santas
A “Herd” of Santas
A “Jolly” of Santas
A “Plumber’s Crack” of Santas

Please vote for your number one choice—or make up your own! And don’t delay—the Santas are counting on you.


Sling said...

A 'Clauset' of Santas.
A 'Twinkling' of Santas
A 'Blizzard' of Santas..
This is fun! :)

Miss Healthypants said...

Ohhh, I like a "clauset"! (Iwanski likes a "blizzard"--so of course we still don't agree! *grin*) A "twinkling" is cool, too!

Great suggestions, Sling! :)

rosemary said...

I am so not creative......i like Clauset and Plumber's Crack

A "sleigh" of Santas
A "bowlfull" of Santas
A "roll" of Santas
Lapdance also came to mind but that isn't really nice.

I left a really long (too long) comment at Iwanski's. You did cheer me is 0 as in zero outside.

jp said...

I would like to call them a Clausterf*ck.

Not so much? Sorry, I'll go home now.

Diane said...

Here are my favorites

Clauset, blizzard, bowlfull and even clausterf*** is good too...

How about plain old "bad" santas?

Barb said...

Wouldn't the plural of Santa be Santi? LOL

Mathman6293 said...

“Schtickle” is one of may favorite words. I guess I over used it when there was no gasoline in GA. "I need a schtickle of gas." Now, I am banned from using schtickle. I am banned!

So, here a we like a "Pride of Santas".

MaryRuth said...

count me in for clausterf*ck
p.s. much of the movie "Bad Santa" was filmed right here in little old Torrance..!

Miss Healthypants said...

Y'all make me laugh! LOL! :)

These are all great suggestions, but I think that Clausterf*ck and Santi are now in my top 5! :) But bowlful is good, too!

This is such a hard decision to make...

Mathman--you are actually banned from using that word? LOL! :)

sageweb said...

I would call them a "group" of santas...

Maybe I should drink.

Buck said...

How about a "Blitzen" of Santas? You know. Sort of a nod to the reindeers

Kimberly Ann said...

Oooh I love grouping names - the more obscure the better. I like a Jolly of Santas but I also like a Kringle of Santas.

rosemary said...

A "stocking" of Santas?
A "wrapping" of Santas?
A "noggin" of Santas?
"Pounds" of Santas?
A "thunder" of Santas?

these are Steve's contributions

A "lapdancewonder" from Santa? Does that count? From me

Leah said...

I would call them "dream crushers" because I'd have a lot of explaining to do to my kids if they saw more than one santa at a time...

greeny said...

Schtickle I like! And I didn't copy Mathman.

Lucky you to have seen such a special grouping. And bless you for having such control.snooksdog

Dena said...

How about a HO HO Hoard of Santas?or The Fauxsanta March?

Barb said...

Just wanted to let you know I have a little something for you on my blog!

Maria said...

I don't have a creative bone in my I will just say that I'm such a scrooge that even a buttload of santas can't make me love this freakin snow.

Diane said...

Buttload!!!!!! Balhhhahhhh!!!!! I love that one! :)