Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cookie Bash

Yesterday was the annual “Christmas Cookie Bash” at my parents’ house. It was quite cookie-riffic!

Here are the parental figures themselves.

Aren’t they just the cutest??

Iwanski and my brother-in-law Rick donned aprons for the baking and decorating event.

(This is the first and probably only time you’ll ever see Iwanski in an apron.)

Here's Iwanski frosting cookies with my sister Sheri.

(This is also the first and probably only time you’ll ever see Iwanski frosting cookies. But that’s mostly because we declared Iwanski a “frosting failure.” He had problems with the ratio of frosting to cookie. Miss Healthypants had to eventually take over his frosting duties.)

Even my little one-year-old niece Nora took part in the festivities (in the eating of the cookies, that is!).

At the end of the day, we had over 400 cookies…

We even decorated a special cookie for my sister Mary’s husband, Andy, who was unable to be there. Andy doesn’t like a bunch of “stuff” (decorating sugars) on the top of his cookie, and he hates red hots. So of course we had to decorate a special cookie for him, complete with the letter “A” written in red hots:

Later, my sister Mary informed us that Andy was very happy with his cookie.

And here are most of the cookie baking and decorating crew. (I’m the smiling cookie-decorator on the far right side.)

It was definitely a fun and successful “bash.”


MaryRuth said...

DAYUM...that's a LOT of cookies! Looks like you had lots of fun doing it.

Sling said...

It's a cookie bonanza!!!

sfoofie said...

I LOVE that picture of my dad....still crackin me up. oh, man, does he hate red hots. Ahh cookie bash, I love our family.

Leah said...

400 cookies? before or after taste testing? :)
Cookie Bash looks like such a fun family time-I might have to steal the idea for next year.

sageweb said...

I want a cookie!! that sounds like a blast! I think Iwanski might be pulling a Sage and purposely not doing things right..just to get out of work.

Kimberly Ann said...

That looks like some cookie-licious fun. Love me sugar cookies with lots of icing.

Lorraine said...


(Seriously, my word veri is "scrummo"...kinda like "yummo" but used when describing vast amounts of cookies!)

Barb said...

OMG that is a lot of cookies. I'll be up to my elbows in cookie dough tomorrow ~ just distributing, not baking (PTO fundraiser!)