Friday, December 19, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

You, my lovely blog readers, are so funny and creative!

Thank you for all the suggestions of what to call a big group of Santas. Unfortunately, all of your wonderful suggestions made it even harder for me to decide what to call them.

So let me just say this—thanks to all of you, I have many different names that I can call the Santas if I happen to see them again. Perhaps if they are nice, jolly Santas, I can call them a “clauset” or a “blitzen”—or maybe just “Santi.” But if they are mean, violent Santas, I can call them a “buttload” or a “dreamcrusher” of Santas—or even a “clausterf***.”

Maybe tonight I will see the Santas again and get to use one of those words—one can only hope!

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