Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too Tired to Come Up With A Good Title

Miss Healthypants is one tired puppy.

I have worked lots of overtime this week, and I needs me some sleep.

Happily, after a good night's sleep tonight, there will be fun festivities tomorrow night, as Buck treats my friends Diane and Carissa, and myself (and maybe Iwanski) to Hungarian food! Yes, he offered to cook for all of us. What a guy! Why Hungarian food, you ask? Two reasons: 1) Diane really wanted to try Hungarian food, and 2) Buck is apparently a very good Hungarian cook. Who knew?

Also, Buck has promised to make us some of his famous watermelon daiquiries (mmm....watermelon daiquiries...). I am SO going to enjoy that!

And then it's off to a local pub for some more drinks and some karaoke craziness. (What can I say? I'm a sucker for hearing "Born To Be Wild" sung badly 5 times in the same night. Whoo-hoo!)

I can't wait!


Diane said...

CHICK, I swear, if you even try to get me to sing I will make you eat mashed potatoes! :) Can't wait for tomorrow!

Jason Boskey said...

Mashed potatoes aren't Hungarian...

Let me know how the gulyasleves and the paprikas csirke are. :)

Buck said...

Poodle: The Kőrőzőtt is already made and waiting. (Mmmm- - cheese!)

I'll make gulyasleves next time. Actually, mine is more of a Szekelygulyas than a gulyasleves because I use pork and add sauerkraut.

Mission: To get Diane on that stage. I want to see her sing "Stairway to Heaven".

Jason Boskey said...

I always thought szekelygulyas was more of a porkolt or a tokany. :)