Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summertime in Chi-town

This lovely summer weekend started off with Iwanski and I partying with Buck on the balcony of terror. Eventually, as he is wont to do, Buck summoned his inner gay hairdresser and made my hair resemble some 70’s star, like Farrah Fawcet or Nancy Wilson. Then Iwanski took a picture of him taking a picture of me with the crazy hairstyle. See?

Notice the can of Suave hairspray in the cup-holder of the chair? Classic Buck.

Finally, once the hair-dressing was completed and the delicious watermelon daiquiries that Buck had prepared had gone WAY to my head, Iwanski and I parted ways with Buck and wandered back home to bask in first-vacation-day heavenly sleep.

The next day, Iwanski and I got up and got ourselves ready for a magnificent feast. Guess where we went?

OK, I guess that wasn’t too hard to guess. OK, now guess what we ate? I bet you could never guess it all.

Let me see if I can name just a few things: mustard-fried catfish, garlic mozzarella cheese bread, pierogis, chicken wings, steak tacos, a buffalo burger, and Rainbow ice cream. Yummy! Everything was absolutely delicious, including the weather. Warm, temperatures in the 70’s, but no humidity. Just beautiful!!

Then Iwanski and I went for one of our classic long city walks and enjoyed the summer festival atmosphere. Eventually, I—Miss Healthypants, mind you—succumbed to a Chicago hot dog, lovingly cooked by our 7-Eleven hosts. OK, it wasn’t quite the outdoor-charred-on-a-grill summer hot dog that I was longing for, but it did the trick.

The rest of the weekend went on swimmingly—just sunshine and warm temperatures, and Miss Healthypants in a fantastic mood. Even the threat of potential impending illness (enough already!) never amounted to anything, and a long walk to Oak Street beach today wrapped up an absolutely delightful weekend.

What can I say? I feel like one lucky girl.


Sling said...

Good friends,good drinks,and good food
That's the way the 4th is done!
I have a dumb question.(go figure)..
Is the 'Taste of Chicago' like,a year round type thing,or just seasonal?.
I keep hearing about it,and was just wonderin'.
Nice 'do by the way.

Miss Healthypants said...

Sling--I WISH Taste of Chicago (we Chicagoans just call it "The Taste" or even just "Taste") was all year round--or even seasonal! It actually only happens once a year, for a week and a half. It starts a week before July 4th and continues for a couple of days after the 4th. It's my FAVORITE festival of the year. *smiles*

And I hate my hair that way--but thanks. :)

Lorraine said...

Whoo hoo!

Mathman6293 said...

I miss Chicago hotdogs. There are several places I can get my Vienna Hot Dog fix but the place in Cartersville, GA thinks that if I order a Chicago Hot Dog it has to everything on it. What the fuck. There also a place in Marietta, GA that is run by a Lane Tech grade knows what he's doing.

Some day I will be back and go to the taste.