Monday, April 26, 2010

I Saw Goslings!

On my walk home from work today, I looked down from the Lake Street bridge…and to my surprise, I saw a Mama and Papa goose and five cute little fuzzy yellow goslings following behind them. They were walking alongside the river, poking around in the weeds and looking ADORABLE!

I called Iwanski, and then I called Jonathan, to report the gosling-sighting…I told Jonathan that I’m convinced that it was Gertrude and Stanley and their little ones…which, as you may know, are: Pippin, Dumplin’, Pyrtle, Aflac—and the last one is either Foie Gras (Jonathan’s choice) or Jack Klompus (Iwanski’s choice). Since Iwanski didn’t get a chance to name the other goslings—and the name Foie Gras is a little too cruel for my taste (sorry, Jonathan!)—Jack Klompus it is.

I was so happy to see them, that I stood there for a good fifteen or twenty minutes watching them plod along.

I’m going to bring my camera tomorrow, and hopefully they will be there again.

I feel like God has smiled on me today.


Sling said...

Today was a good day! :)
Can't wait to see pix of the little guys.

Mom said...

I love it!

Buck said...

I'll bet Gertrude is only so happy to get her family away from that strange tall guy that kept taking photos of her.

Buck said...

Seriously, though, who is Jack Klompus?

rosemary said... geese are adorable.....they are all over the local fields here....say....want a few baby turkeys....they are cute for about an hour.....then they poop and get those ugly warts on their faces.

Anita said...

I hope you get a picture! Great day indeed!