Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Feel Cheated!

This was me on Monday night, with Gertrude the Goose. (Photograph, courtesy of Jonathan.)

Tonight, I was talking to Jonathan, and we both realize that it had been a little while since we had checked on Gertrude…so after work, I headed over to her nesting area by the Chicago River.

And lo and behold…she was gone! And so were her eggs. And so was Stanley. All that was left was a pile of feathers and dirt and probably poop and egg fragments (It was hard to tell what was all in that pile—there were too many feathers strewn about).

I looked up and down the river forlornly, wishing that I’d been there to see the babies hatch. (At least I hope they hatched, and someone didn’t just mess with the nest.)

I have a hunch that it all worked out okay…especially when Iwanski confirmed after a quick internet search that goslings are mobile and can swim within a day of being hatched. (How ‘bout that?!)

Still, I feel cheated that I didn’t get to see Pippin and Dumplin’ and Pyrtle, swimming down the river with their proud Mom and Pops.

I expected goslings. I need to see goslings.

Thank God for Google images. (Aren’t they just the cutest?)

This weekend, Iwanski and I are going to take a long stroll on the riverwalk and see if we can see the real thing. There are not too many things cuter than little goslings swimming in a line behind their mama goose.

*Gosling photo credit:


Anita said...

Well POOP! I hope you spot them this weekend.

sageweb said...

I dont understand why your husband didnt camp out there and report daily.....he should think about our entertainment,

Buck said...

This week's Julia Child recipe will be:
Oie Braisee Aux Marrons

(Braised Goose with Chestnut and Sausage Stuffing)

Lisa said...

Finger crossed you see them this weekend. And I like Anita's use of the word POOP. Very apropos!


someone from teh zoo might have moved them too..

Random Thinker said...

Awwww.... you should have built a blind like those nature cinematographers do, only out of concrete to blend in with the planter she was nesting in.

Sling said...

I think you'll see them again.
I'm pretty sure they tend to hang out near their nest for awhile after they hatch.

Mom said...

I feel cheated too. I wanted to see the babies.