Monday, March 15, 2010

Eight Is More Than Enough

Last week, I started doing my “8 Minutes in the Morning” exercises, which I haven’t done in quite some time.

I used to do those exercises every day, but then I started to get lazy and do only the easier exercises—and then eventually I stopped doing them altogether.

But I’m trying to lose weight, and the 8 minutes plan helped me to lose 40 pounds at one point, so I thought, what the heck, why not try it again?

So I made it through the first week of 8 minutes exercises last week. One week down, no problem. Then today I started on week two.

This morning, in total, I did 48 knee pushups, and 48 rep’s of the “bird dog” exercise. That’s this delightfully horrible exercise where you’re on all fours, and you simultaneously lift your right arm and left leg, at the same time, pause—and then do the same thing with your left arm and your right leg. It looks like this.

Anyway, after 8 heart-pounding minutes and 96 combined rep’s, I was sweating my ass off, and I lay down on my yoga mat, trying to catch my breath.

And it was then that I realized why I stopped doing those exercises in the first place.

These are not “quick ‘n easy” exercises. You really work hard during those 8 minutes!

Still, it is only 8 minutes a day—and even I can deal with that—no matter how much it sucks.

So I will carry on, 8 minutes at a time…

Now if only I can stop eating those damn brown sugar bumps!


Mom said...

There is nothing easy about exercise or weight loss. It is just plain hard work. Good luck. keep the goal of a skinny you in front of you. Wait, I thought you were skinny.

sageweb said...

8 minutes exercise..who has that kind of time?! How will you squeeze in time for tv and sleeping and blogging?

congrats on getting your blood rolling in the morning. I bet it feels good..I need to rest now..just typing wears me out.

Anita said...

8 minutes, I like that.
Good luck!

Buck said...

I just found a recipe for chipotle-bacon mac & cheese.

rosemary said...

Umm, eight minutes....I'm with sageweb...maybe if it was 3 or 4 minutes I could fit it in but I have a tight schedule....GMA, a few judge shows, HGTV, Dr. Phil and some other's Tuesday...The Good Wife, NCISLA.....I'll exercise vicariously through you....keep it up so we can get those extra pounds off.

Sling said...

8 little minutes?..You can do it!
Go Miss Healthypants!

Random Thinker said...

Thanks for the inspiration to get off my fat @ss and also for the recipe to make it a little fatter. Go girl!


if the Goddess wanted me to touch my toes she would have made my legs shorter.

Fantastic Forrest said...

For some reason, the "bird dog" exercise reference made me think of Christopher Guest. Then I realized why:

I'll bet Harlan Pepper would like those brown sugar bumps. Curse you, Miss Healthypants, for giving the recipe. Now I MUST try it!! XO