Thursday, November 12, 2009

Iwanski's Favorite Things

Being Miss Healthypants, I tend to harass Iwanski a bit about eating healthy. (He might say that I harass him more than “a bit,” but hell, that’s my prerogative. It’s in the job description.)

However, on his birthday, I decided to skip the harassment and actually encourage unhealthy/yummy eating. Hence, here’s his birthday present from me…

The bag of “Iwanski’s Favorite Things” contained the following items:

Bite-Size Milky Way Bars

Old World Wisconsin Beef Stick


Swedish Fish

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

Synder's Pretzel Bites

Honey Roasted Cashews

King Cobra Malt Liquor

Amazon Gift Card

Wendy's Gift Card

Fresh Olives

I had a lot of fun gathering up his favorite items for this bag, and Iwanski’s already had some fun sampling some of the products.

And I even learned something today. Swedish Fish are actually kinda good.

Happy Birthday, Iwanski!


MaryRuth said...

Awww you are such a sweetie! Great gifts!

Lisa said...

Kinda good? Wait til MathMan reads this! He'll give you equations about how good Swedish Fish are.

I'm glad you've had a good day of celebrating your favorite guy's birthday!


well except for the booze, he and i like the same things...except for the swedish not sure i even know what that is..

Barb said...

To me, that is a truly perfect gift. It shows how much you know him and love him!

Bad Alice said...

Jack Daniels, olives and Swedish Fish - that is a MEAL. Yum.

Mom said...

You are such a thoughtful gift-giver!

sageweb said...

Yum...he has very nice taste..are those the swedish fish from Ikea..cuz those are awesome!

Buck said...

I'm going to have to find out what this Swedish Fish thing is.
I'm intrigued. . .

rosemary said...

Happy happy to your wonderful Iwanski....he likes a lot of the same things Steve does.

Diane said...

I think your next post should be about Swedish Fish. It appears not many people are familiar it. I think you are suppose place a Swedish Fish on the bottom of a glass and then crack an egg over it and gulp it one big swig! :) I heard that is the best way to eat them!

Sling said...

Jack Daniel's I know..Swedish fish,not so much.
So I Googled it,and got a great number of links.
Turns out,they are a deliciously chewy confection,with long flowing blonde hair,and ample breasts.

Random Thinker said...

Are olives bad for you? Swedish fish are bad for your teeth, I know that.