Monday, October 13, 2008

Can’t…Go On…Must Have…MP-3 Player

Well, I have given up.

On finding my MP-3 player, that is.

If you recall, I had a brilliant blonde moment a few weeks ago, when I left my MP-3 player in the exercise room on the 7th floor of our building.

That was probably not the smartest (or most responsible) thing I’ve ever done.

And now, after much searching and waiting, I have finally concluded that it is gone for good.

And I am in desperate need of a new one.

How desperate?—you ask?

Well, before the tragic loss of my MP-3 player, I had gotten in the daily habit of listening to my music both on the 20-minute walk to work, and on the 20-minute walk home from work. So that’s 40 minutes a day of music that I no longer have. So what to do? Sure, I could use that time to just relax and do a “walking meditation” of sorts. But I had become so used to having something to entertain me during that time. So what have I been doing instead?

Well, first I have taken to listening to my work voice mail, over and over again. That’s right, I said over and over again. The other day, I think I listened to the same message probably 3 or 4 times. OK, that could probably have something to do with the fact that I was avoiding having to have small talk with a coworker who was walking a few steps in front of me…but still, that is pretty pathetic.

Secondly, I have actually asked my good friend Diane, if she feels like it, if she can leave me long messages on my cell phone, so that I can be entertained by her messages during my walk. While less pathetic than listening to my work voice mail over and over again, I’ll admit it’s still pretty pathetic. But Diane is really funny, so it really is quite entertaining. And she is so obliging…I guess that’s when you know you have a true friend, when they’re willing to leave you long voice mails so you can be entertained during your commute!

And all this to avoid actually being quiet and being in the moment. Yes, my friends, I believe that is the definition of pathetic.

It would probably be a good idea for me to practice that whole “being in the moment” thing more often. But it sure would help to stay in the moment if I have some good songs to listen to at the same time. (At least that’s how I’m going to rationalize this thing.)

It’s also pretty coincidental, I think, that since my MP-3 player has been missing, all of the sudden I have been hearing and reading about more and more music that I want to download. It’s as if the Universe wants me to have a new MP-3 player.

For example, I recently heard/read about the following artists, whose music I really want to download:

--David Qualey (thanks to Sling for putting that beautiful version of “Jesu Joy” on your blog)
--Talking Heads (thanks to Mary Ruth for the suggestion)
--Jackson Browne (thanks to Rosemary for the suggestion)
--Enya—I want to download more of her songs (her music touches me on a very deep level)

So in a few minutes, I’m going to go to and order me up a new MP-3 player.

And I’m also going to buy a wrist strap to keep it strapped to me at all times.

I sure hope I don’t lose that wrist strap.


Mathman6293 said...

Have you ever tried Ebay? I have had good results purchasing Ipods there except that you can break the screen no matter where you purchase one.

sageweb said...

I would have never made it this long without my Ipod. I can't ride my bike or walk my dog with out it...You are a strong strong woman.

Sling said...

Diane is a good friend indeed to talk you through your daily commute.
I don't know from Ipods,but if I lost my laptop I'd be inconsolable!

rosemary said...

go for it....get a Benz model! You could also put it in a spot where no one would see a pocket. You will love Jackson....will really get you thinking and walking fast.

Maria said...

I don't have an i-pod or even an m 3...I am hopelessly dull.

Diane said...

Chick, I can not imagine going on my daily morning walk with songs blarring in my ears. Instead, I enjoy the crunching of the fall leaves under my footsteps, the sound of insects, the hum of the traffic on a near distant highway, the click of a sensored light, etc... :) Oh, if I were in Chicago, how would I hear the response of someone I told I liked their eyelashes if I had tunes playing?

Miss Healthypants said...

Mathman--I go instead for the generic "I-Pod"--called Creative Zen. It's cheap and works great. My husband's had his for several years now.

Sageweb--I'm glad someone knows where I'm coming from! :)

Sling--yep, just substitute I-Pod for laptop, and you know what I'm going through. :)

Rosemary--I can't wait! *smiles*

Maria--from your blog entries, I can tell that you're anything but dull! You relish in the simple joys of life. I wish I could be like that more often.

Diane-chickie--the city noises (at least in downtown Chi-town) are quite a bit different than what you're hearing on your morning walk. Try a train squealing and roaring overhead. That noise gets a little old. I prefer Enya over that--I'm sure you can understand. *smiles* And by the way, WHO did you tell that you liked their eyelashes? :)

Kimberly Ann said...

Good going on purchasing a new MP3 player. While you wait for delivery, ask Diane to read passages of books on your voicemail - at least you can catch up on your reading. :-)

Citymouse said...

your not crazy-- just obsessive. Buy a nice one!!!!