Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seven Things I Learned While On Vacation in Arkansas and Missouri

1. The Ozark Mountains are BEAUTIFUL.

2. If you decide to stay in a lodge on the top of a mountain especially because the view is supposed to be so great, be sure to stay at least 2 nights in case you get a really foggy night. (At least we were lucky that the fog started clearing away before we checked out in the morning!)

3. The World’s Largest Toy Museum is a fun place that often makes you exclaim, “Oh, I remember I had this toy when I was a kid!” (The Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumpling dolls REALLY took me back.)

4. If the name of a State Park contains the words “Ha Ha" (Ha Ha Tonka State Park), that might be a warning to be careful not to fall off your hiking trail and bruise your shins and skin your knees.

5. There are (surprisingly) armadillos in Arkansas and Missouri.

6. Hannibal, Missouri (birthplace of Mark Twain) is a really cute town with many old buildings and many friendly people.

7. Every town in the Ozarks with over 2000 people has a Chinese buffet, a Mexican restaurant, a Sonic, and a Pizza Hut…and at least one of the Pizza Huts had some bad grammar on their sign.

(If you’re going to go through all the trouble of making a big window sign, you might want to make sure that the spelling and punctuation are correct!)


Mathman6293 said...

Miss Heathypants - Sound like your vacation is like my new life in the south. Which has no relation in Northeastern Illinois.

I don't know from the Ozarks but the symptoms you describe are similar to the ones here in the hills of North Georgia.

When we first moved I was totally unnerved by the fog in the morning. Often driving to get to the state road I would and do wind through foggy lows and clear highs on the roads.

And a few years ago we saw a dead something or other on the side of the road. Dcup and I looked at each other and said, "that looks like an armadillo." We turned around and checked and it was. I have seen a few in that condition since but I have never seen one a live.

Mathman6293 said...

It does look like it was a beautiful and fun trip. Sorry for my diatribe.

Sling said...

i guess pizza hut never heard of spellcheck..
Coll pix MHP!.
I would love to go to Hannibal Mo,Mark Twain is a favorite of mine.

Speck said...

Armadillos in Arkansas = roadkill. Add a little redeye gravy and you gots yerself a fine breakfast. Your hungerey yet? Let's us eats.

MaryRuth said...

You are probably the only person that knew something was wrong with that sign.
Sounds like a fun trip though.
P.S. glad to hear about your clean bill of health.

Buck said...

I LOVE the Pizza Hut sign, bless their hearts.