Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Ain’t Just in The South

The good news? We’re getting new exercise equipment in our apartment building.

The bad news? Bad spelling/grammar exists everywhere, even where we “Northerners” live.


Mathman6293 said...

If they're patients is the fitness room too late?

sfoofie said...

oof. noticed it right away!
(digging the mathman comment)

Miss Healthypants said...

Mathman--you're funny! :)

Sfoofie--yep, I noticed it right away, too--so I just had to take the picture. :)

Speck said...

This sign, and others like it, are why I carry a big ol' fat Marks-a-Lot in my purse!

Sling said...

I'm with Speck..
I'd have to correct the spelling.
It would bug me every time I looked at it!

ROMA said...

This is pruf the skool sistem is faleing us. Ownly Barack Obama can hep us now.

Vote four Barack Obama in Novembir.

I no I cant spel wirth a crap or tipe wirth one eyther.

rosemary said...

hum....maybe this is over the top equipment....take an aspirin and let me know after you use the stuff.

MaryRuth said...

Talk about bad spelling mistakes--I just got through watching the Dem Convention...I saw a hand-lettered sign in the crowd that read:
"Wisconson Badgers for Obama".

Miss Healthypants said...

Mary Ruth--I saw that, too! How horrible! :)