Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tonight at yoga class, our teacher challenged us to try the pose called “Crow.”

Crow is a crazy-intimidating pose wherein one tries to actually balance their knees upon their upper arms. Impossible? Apparently not; I’ve seen people do it. Here’s a picture:

Anyway, my yoga buddies and I normally scoff at the very notion of doing that pose, while we make some weak-ass attempts at it, just for show. But tonight, one of us actually did it!

And it certainly wasn’t me. As my friend Rhyan balanced herself on her upper arms, she exclaimed,

“I did it! In your FACE!”

We all started cracking up. No, apparently yoga isn’t always just about peace and stress relief.

Sometimes it’s about accomplishing something with your body that you’ve never been able to do before…and then boasting about it to your friends.

And now my competitive side has been challenged. Even though I know yoga is all about knowing your body and trusting what it can or can’t do on any given day, I still want to be the next one of us to do the pose. Mark my words, one day I will do the Crow.

In Your Face!!


Buck said...

Let's just hope your "crow" doesn't suddenly become "ostrich".

Fantastic Forrest said...

If I tried to do the crow, I would wind up ON my face. Ow!

Mom said...

I'm sure I could do that pose. My broken foot would still be non-weight-bearing. In my heart I'm doing it right now.

Lisa said...

In your face! I love the hopped up zen of it.

Anita said...

Too funny, and I do not think I could do the crow....not even 30 years ago...LOL!

Random Thinker said...

Is it a requirement that your butt be sticking in the air when you proclaim "In your FACE"? I think it should be.

jp said...

I'm taking my first yoga class in the morning, and now I'm even more scared! :)

rosemary said...

Not Yoga.....but the treadmill and recumbent....so far, rosemary 4 machines 1.