Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Gatitas

I take pictures of my two cats (Autumn and Hattie) all the time, but I just realized that I never, EVER do anything with them. So now I'm doing something with them.


Yoga Kitty

Trader Joe's Kitty

Stoned Kitty

Snuggie Kitty

Fat-Ass Cat

Comfy Kitty

Clothes Basket Kitty

Sunshine Kitties**

**Okay, so Iwanski took this last picture--but I WISH I had! I really love that one.

I'm really not a crazy cat-lady....but they definitely make me smile.


Barb said...

So cute ~ And I do love the one of them in the sunshine even if you didn't take it.

Jonathan said...

I LOVE these photos! Do some more!

Daisy's Mom said...

Can I has more, pleeze? LOL