Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Moment

A soft cat gently settling upon my lap,
The rain coming down in sheets,
Refreshing the earth,
Refreshing my soul.

A single strawberry, so sweet upon my tongue,
The warmth of an August evening,
Putting on shorts and a t-shirt
And going for a walk in the air
Which envelopes me
In softness, warmth,

Blessings in the rain,
Blessings in the sun.
A ripe tomato, juicy and light.
A spicy red onion,
A touch of fresh basil.

Experiencing life.
How could I have missed it?
These precious days,
These precious moments.

A frosty fruit smoothie
As I meander down the street
Taking in the sights,
The people,
The energy,
The lightness.

And later, the light dimming softly,
The cool evening breeze
A child giggling in pleasure
As the swing slowly swings,
Back and forth,
Back and forth.

A little boy throws a ball
It goes into the bushes.
Laughing, smiling,

This is happiness.
Dollar bills?
Fancy meals?
Expensive cars?
A humongous house?

The moment?
That’s all there is.


Barb said...

Just amazing! I love it.

Random Thinker said...

Very nice. Miss Poetpants.

MaryRuth said...

You have a gift for finding the beauty in things. Very nice.

Sling said...

Well isn't that enough to brighten anyone's Monday!..Nicely done kid. :)