Monday, June 22, 2009

Which, Which of These Things?

Which of these things does not belong here?

--Watched two movies this weekend; "The Deer Hunter" and "Sleeper." Both very good movies, in completely different ways.

--Went for a three-hour walk through Chicago riverfront neighborhoods.

--Sat and listened to the symphony in Millenium Park.

--Admired the unique Chicago view from atop the new bridge to the Art Institute.

--Had a root canal.

--Went for a two-hour walk along Chicago's beautiful lakefront, stopping to enjoy the summertime beach atmosphere.

--Laughed my ass off at a DVD of Ricky Gervais (creator of the British "The Office") doing stand-up.

If you guessed "had a root canal," ding ding ding ding! You are correct. This was the one not-so-fun part of this past week.

However, it wasn't all that bad. The worst part was actually just sitting there with my mouth hanging open, waiting for the dentist to finish drilling at my tooth. Amazingly, I had no pain at all--even after the anesthesia wore off.

So even that wasn't so bad.

Ahh, life is good, and the living is easy for Miss Healthypants...


Diane said...

Phew! I never minded going to the dentist until I had a cavity refilled/replaced because it was so old. The nerve was agitated so much it took about six weeks before it finally calmed down. The thought of a root canal gives me the shivers!

MaryRuth said...

Glad it wasn't as bad as you expected...and thanks for reminding me that I must make my root canal appt. tomorrow. Sounds like you still had a great weekend for the most part.
Off topic....I was talking to my Dad the other day about the blog and mentioned one of my "fellow bloggers did such-and-such". And he said..."Oh was it Miss Fancypants?" I had to smile about that one.

Buck said...

I would have preferred the root canal over going to an outdoor symphony in the summertime.

At least the dentist's office in air conditioned.

Speck said...

Root canal = life is good, living is easy??? Excuse me lady, but your masochism is showing. Oy.

Or I want some of whatever you're taking.

sageweb said...

You must have had a lot of vicoden to not be in pain. Are you sure you just weren't high on Vicoden and you didnt do any of those things?

Random Thinker said...

The good thing about dentist appointments is they eventually end. Other than the root canal it looks like you had wonderful adventures.

Lisa said...

Wow. Lucky. I've never had a root canal, but just the idea of it.....! Otherwise, sounds like you have Chicago by the tail.

rosemary said...

see....good thing to I canceled my appointment in April and told a lie to the receptionist and haven't made another appointment.

Anita said...

Forgive me for being such a poor blogging friend, I've been wrapped up in summer, and not all good stuff. My out of school kids are running me ragged!
Ouch on the root canal, I've never had one, knocking on wood!
The rest of your weekend sounds like heaven.