Thursday, June 25, 2009


He inspired me. He made me dance, he made me smile, and he made me cry.

RIP, Michael. The world is a better place because of all the wonderful music you brought to us.


Anita said...

What a talented man he was. I've been sad for years for the personal suffering he's clearly undergone, but I just keep thinking back to the 70's and how I loved the J5 and Michael so much!

jp said...

And he supported Clinton... now THERE's a reason to respect him!

Sling said...

I'll remember him for his music,and choreography.
Sad that he was just getting ready to do the comeback thing.I think that might have put a more positive spin back in his life.

Jeanna said...

Very sad, I'm surprised at how this has effected me, maybe because we're so close in age and his undeniable impact on music.
I remember getting in trouble for blasting Thriller when it first came out, and even last year when the 25th Anniversary edition came out I got complaints for playing it while doing taxes.

Random Thinker said...

I do hope he rests in peace. Troubled person all his life. I'm with Anita though, love that J5 music.