Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Freakin' Sweet, Dude!

President Barack Obama.


Yes, it was a historic day in America—and today, I feel really proud and happy—not only to be an American, but also to be a Chicagoan. You can just feel the electricity in the air here in Chi-town, even still today. On our late afternoon walk, Iwanski and I saw many people walking around downtown, still sporting Obama buttons and t-shirts.

Also, we really tried to buy a Chicago Sun-Times or a Tribune today, but they were sold out everywhere. Finally, around 5 PM, we saw a guy selling Sun-Times on a street corner. A crowd had gathered around him, and we even heard a guy say to a friend “Oh, he’s selling Sun-Times? Go ahead without me—I need to buy one of these—I’ll catch the next train.”

I swear, I have never seen newspapers so high in demand here in Chicago. But the Sun-Times in particular had a really awesome cover today. Check it out.

So yes, of course we bought a paper. What a great souvenir of this historic day!

I hope and pray that President Obama will lead our country in a much better direction.

But for today, I am just celebrating. America, ya’ done good.


Sling said...

This marks the first time that I have ever voted for a president that actually won!.Feels sooo good!

Miss Healthypants said...

Yay for you, Sling-o!!!! *smiles*

Mathman6293 said...

It was great watching Grant Park on TV. Very exctiting and hopeful.

MaryRuth said...

I think I maybe saw you on the tee-vee! That must have been sooooo cool to be there in person! Dang, I'm glad this is over and we are on the right track again. Happy Day.

LP Cards Fan said...

"America, ya’ done good."

Yes we did. Yes we can.

I've really been on cloud nine since they called PA last night!

sageweb said...

What a wonderful thing..and for you to be in Chicago I bet you are getting to see an incredible amount of love floating around.

Leah said...

Cool Newspaper souvenier! I never thought of that-but I always liked going through things my grandparents had packed away that were wrapped with old newspapers, they were cool to read.

Yay for Chicago & for the USA!!!

LostInColor said...

Watching the folks in Chicago on TV was fabulous!

Lorraine said...

Oh, man, I would have loved to have had one of those. "Mr. President". Shit, those words haven't sounded so sweet since "The West Wing".

Barb said...

Unfortunately for my son & dil who are journalists this is one of the very few times the masses buy newspapers. It's a dying art.
But man am I excited about our new president elect!