Tuesday, May 4, 2010

El Dia del Pulpo

Some days, I feel like the world is my lobster (lobster is so much better than oysters, don’t you think?), and I can do no wrong. I seem to do everything right, and everything goes swimmingly. (Lobster-swimming pun not intended.)

On other days, like today, I feel like the world is not so much my lobster as it is my squid. SQUID. Yes, I am having a SQUID day.

Anyway, today, in addition to several smaller transgressions relating to work and all that hullabaloo, I did something that Iwanski has warned me about probably about ten thousand times. I left the oven on for hours after I finished cooking a pizza. Thankfully, we have an electric stove—but still! Three hours later, when Iwanski cleared his throat and pointed at the little red light shining away on the oven, I was horrified.

I mean, what if we did have a gas stove? Ack…I don’t even want to think about it! But the thought that is almost equally as horrible in my mind is, “Oh dear God, now I will have to listen to Iwanski’s warnings even more often now!”

But I have to admit, it does make me realize that it’s a good thing that Iwanski is as annoyingly cautious as he is. Because clearly, I cannot be trusted not to burn the house down. (Damn it! I hate it when he’s right.)

It also makes me realize that sometimes I just need to SLOW DOWN, stop moving for one freakin’ second, and just BREATHE. My carelessness is often just a result of my hardly taking a break during the day. Clearly when I’m preoccupied with ten thousand things, I make mistakes.

And thus, tonight, I will begin again to try to do a daily meditation. Ten minutes. Ten minutes a day—that’s all it would take. Obviously I have ten minutes. I’ve been sitting here writing this inane drivel for the past ten minutes…

Hmm, perhaps my time would have been better spent meditating.


Mom said...


Random Thinker said...

Don't feel bad. It's good when your weaknesses are offset by your partner's strengths. Just make sure you shut that durling iron off.... those things can burn down a building quicker than a molotov cocktail ;-)

Random Thinker said...

duh---- curling iron. Proofreading is one of my weaknesses.

Citymouse said...

Some of us leave the stove on for hours (cooking) and have a gas stove and really -- it's okay... It's just not okay if you do it when the windows are open and the flame is out..(not that I would know) BTW... I got the book today!

sageweb said...

good luck meditating.that is why I do yoga..to relax my brain a bit.

Sling said...

I did the leave-the-electric-stove-on-for-a-couple hours thing myself recently.
Fortunately,I caught it before anyone else came home to scold me,so it's like I never really did it..Right?

Fantastic Forrest said...

If you had been meditating, you wouldn't have given us this new expression, squid day. Then our vocabularies would not be as rich.

Think of blogging as meditating. Doesn't your mind feel clearer after you get it on the page? Plus - bonus - we are entertained by you!