Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Husband Makes Me Laugh

Tonight, while my husband was cooking a delicious pasta dinner, I expressed my concern that we might not have enough to eat for the meal. (I’m paranoid about not having enough to eat; this could be the reason why I’m having a hard time losing weight right now!) But it turned out that with the pasta dish and sides of broccoli and corn muffins (yummy!), we had more than enough to eat.

Later on, we had this conversation:

Iwanski: I’m sorry if I didn’t cook enough for dinner.

Me: Oh, don’t worry, I had plenty, believe me. Besides (patting my belly), do I look like I’m starving?

Iwanski (putting his arms around me): You’re jolly.

I’m glad that I’m married to a man who makes me laugh every day.


Anita said...

How sweet is that man!?

sageweb said...

you should be glad you are married to a man that cooks...I cant even find a woman to do that for me.

Random Thinker said...

The number one for lifelong happiness as a couple, in my opinion. The laughing thing... not the cooking ;-)

Anonymous said...

My husband makes me laugh a lot too. That is a priceless treasure, really. We just had an argument about fixing a cracked coolant tube in the car. One minute I was pissed, the next I was cracking up. When he turns the tables on a situation he does it in such a clever yet goofy way...and he cooks too!